Jan 20, 2015

From Thumba to Mars - the Indian Space Odyssey Published in Vetri Education Journal

From Thumba to Mars - the Indian Space Odyssey#
V. P. Balagangadharan*
Former ‘Professor Brahm Prakash’ Scientist
ISRO, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre,
Trivandrum – 695 022, Kerala
India got to Mars right on the first try. On September 24, 2014 India achieved it. For a country
which started a modest space programme with the launch of a gifted rocket, 51 years ago, this is marvellous achievement. This article narrates a challenging adventure called the Indian Space Odyssey describing the different stages of development and significant achievements of India in space research culminating in the successful orbiting of Chandrayaan-1 (Moon orbiting mission) in 2008 and Mangalyaan (Mars Orbiter Mission) in 2014.

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