Rockets and Beyond

'Rockets and Beyond' is a coffee-table book published as part of Vikram Sarabhai Space Center's Technical Documentation and Archival Division’s outreach programme. Richly illustrated and full of interesting facts, the book aims to introduce children to the fascinating world of rocket science.

The book explores rockets in detail - their anatomy and design, the different types, assembly and launch, etc. It also gives a brief of the different types of satellites and their uses. The book offers a history of the Indian space programme. The most interesting section for the kids will probably be the one on living in space - the kind of food, clothing and hygiene practices that help astronauts survive in space.
According to The Hindu,

"... the volume is a delightful read, presenting in a nutshell the genesis and evolution of rockets and space science. ... Written in lucid, conversational language, the book explains the fundamentals of rocketry and space science through familiar examples."
ISRO has made the book available to school students for free. The book has been published by Vigyan Prasar, New Delhi.

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